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so glad am i to be out of there! you gentlemen act all so charming to her, but i tell you, not after working for her. she call herself, how you say mr draper, a luvvie, but you ask me i say she little fascist (though she not wear brown but black always).

when i start she very friendly, say help myself to fridge, but then i find champagne and she shout at me and say i ruin dinner party. was not even invited, she not even give me leftovers, give them to dog, she say white sauce not worth eating, new way she tried making it but not good.

(dog now with me, i call him havel, ptolemy stupid name, but i tell you secret, she really want to call him maldini after italian footballer but she worried singaporeboy find out she secretly watching serie a on eurosport)

now i know you gentlemen very kind to poor people, you have spare cash you send me, just to help me and havel little bit, maybe i tell you more singaporegirl secrets he he

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