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Day 7: 1997-05-26

ATW Retro-blog: 1997-05-26
Warsaw (PL) – Vilnius (EYVI – LT)
235nm; 2h25; Purchase (833) / Hughes (962)
Vilnius (LT) – Pskov (ULOO – RU)
230nm; 2h20; Cowan (962) / Hughes (833)

The usual administrative hassles in Vilnius. On arrival at Pskov, RU customs functions were perfunctory and no entry forms were completed (file this for future reference). The Russian Air Force had furnished a ‘navigator’, one Major Yuri Vostroknukov, who got a surprise to find the support ship was a BN-2, having equipped himself with baggage for a C-130. Most of that got left behind!

The team also discovered the common eastern bloc practice of showing hotel prices in US$, expecting to be paid in roubles, and charging at least double for non-Russians, in addition to it typically requiring three people to (1) make a booking, (2) make payment and (3) receive a room key. Facilities were ‘acceptable’.

Pskov airfield

Maj. Yuri Vostroknukov – lying on one of the Chipmunk canopy covers!!

Day 7: EPWA-EYVI-ULOO 465 nm, 4.75 hrs, GS 98 kts. Cumulative 1411 nm, 15.42 hrs, Average GS 92 kts.

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