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Originally Posted by camelspyyder View Post
Currency could also refer to Jacko wanting to use F and G size sonos from the dark ages, along with the 40 year old StingRay.

Just because we have some old tat in stock it doesn't make it automatically relevant to the next decade of Maritime warfare.
Hmmm. Saab don't think that F and G sized buoys are from the dark ages, and nor do Ultra. And indeed it makes sense to me that with miniaturisation, etc. you can pack the same capability into a half-sized buoy as you used to get in a full-sized A size buoy……

Nor is is really fair to describe StingRay as 'old tat'. Lots of ASW folk seem to rate the Mod 1 version very highly, and Norway selected it in preference to the Eurotorp MU90 AND the Mk 54, which were rated in that order……

In any event, the fact that we are acquiring only nine MPAs (nine!) would suggest that we are not living in an era unconstrained by cost, so being able to use existing weapon and buoy stocks would seem to be a potentially sensible cost saving, had we adopted a slightly less supine negotiating position.
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