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I'd like to ask the good people of PPRuNe for some help. I'm (slowly) putting together the full story of this debacle, with a view to getting the RAeS to take a formal interest, and then get the House of Commons Defence Committee to ask some questions. I have made a few FoI requests, asking for the Ageing Aircraft Audit reports for Viking and Vigilant, as well as more of the MAA CAMO audit reports. Unsurprisingly, the MoD is having trouble finding its own (mandatory) paperwork. I have also built a timeline of this thread, which makes for some surprising reading, especially the huge gaps between statements from OC 2FTS and the reality of the situation. Also the wholly misleading 'supporting' statements made by Ministers and RAF VSOs along the way.

I happily admit that I have big gaps in my understanding, and would appreciate any responses, or PMs, on the following:

1. Can anyone identify the original (and subsequent) Design Authorities for the Viking and the Vigilant? To be clear, who issued (and kept up to date) the Certificates of Design (used to be called the Form 100)?
2. Could anyone identify when the maintenance of the aircraft originally went out to contract, and what were the arrangements before that date?

I apologise for the very basic nature of these questions, i'm sure that with enough of a trawl through the data I could get a decent answer - but I've always found that PPRuNe is full of helpful and knowledgable people.

Best regards as ever to all those who know where the skeletons really are,

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