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And the remedies remain limited to pilot training recommendations?

Saturday’s Beechjet Dual Flameout Marks Fourth in Type

A Beechjet 400A operated by Travel Management Company diverted and glided to a safe landing at Buffalo Niagara International Airport in New York after experiencing a dual engine flameout over northwestern Pennsylvania while cruising at FL390 on Saturday afternoon, according to information from the FAA and FlightAware. Notably, this marks the fifth in-flight engine flameout involving a Beechjet, including the fourth dual flameout of this type, and also the third dead-stick landing in a Beechjet following a dual flameout (one included a restart).

TMC Flight 460 departed from Louisville, Kentucky, and was originally en route to New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport, reportedly with actress Jennifer Lawrence on board. In a statement, the FAA said the Beechjet landed in Buffalo at about 1:40 p.m., though FlightAware data pegs the landing at 1:15 p.m. “The crew diverted to Buffalo when they declared an emergency due to engine-related issues,” the FAA said, adding that it is investigating the incident.

Following three Beechjet flameout incidents, the NTSB issued an urgent recommendation in August 2006 due to the possibility of compressor surge after ingesting ice crystals at high altitude. “Beechjet 400 pilots [should] activate ignition and anti-ice systems at high altitude whenever they are in or near visible moisture, or near convective storm activity, or before any power reduction while in those conditions,” the NTSB said at the time.
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