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Originally Posted by VP959 View Post
Conventional wisdom seems to be that young people start of with idealistic left wing views, and that we shift right as we age. That might be partly true, given the smaller percentage of over 65s that voted Labour, but it's not much of a shift. Maybe the relatively large over 65 percentage was related to the ill-thought-through social care policies of the Conservatives.
Well, yes, that conventional wisdom has been summed up in a famous aphorism dating to at least the 1800s, and variously attributed (despite that dating) to Edmund Burke, Benjamin Disraeli, and Winston Churchill (the last two may even have used it -"quoting the quote" in some context.)

In one of its many forms: "Anyone who is not a Socialist at 20 has no heart; anyone who is still a Socialist at 30 has no brain."

I'm surprised it didn't enter the discussion of this aspect of "UK Politics" already, given the decidedly "British" bias in purported attributions. (It "sounds like" something a conservative British wit would say. ) Maybe it's just because I read W. F. Buckley and Rand at one point - Buckley especially enjoyed bringing it up.
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