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As a guess, judging by the cooler in the leading edge of the Griffon Tempest's wing, they had overcome the drag effect of the bearded radiator on the Tempest V. Again from Pierre Closterman's book the description of belly landing a Tempest with a bearded radiator is described pretty graphically so it must have been an experience to remember.

Throwing a quick oar in I would have though that the radiators on the inner wing would have upset yaw control especially at high angles of attack. Combat in the 1940s was both hands on the stick and shove it around and to the Hell with aerodynamics. (Wot's that?)

The Centaurus Tempest used what was probably the most powerful piston engine ever produced in the UK. The Napier Sabre was a close second and to appreciate British aero engineering at it's peak one should go to Duxford and view the dissected Sabre engine.
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