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Originally Posted by kungfu panda
In the immediate aftermath of Brexit talks failure:


Airbus will shift their British production
Sheer and utter tosh!

Have you seen the 'British production' of Airbus? It will take at least a decade, if not more to 'shift'.

Just going on that alone, the rest of your assertions are most likely tosh as well.

Originally Posted by Planemike
Funny how the money is found instantly when it is to handed over to greedy bankers. I don't buy into this "Sadly, the government has no money".
The government has no money. It is all the taxpayers' money. That money 'found instantly ... to hand over to greedy bankers' was at the expense of your children's children's (and probably also their children's) future. And those 'greedy bankers' started off as Northern Rock which was foolishly saved because it was based in a Labour heartland. After that foolish precedent had been set it was easy for those Scottish banks (barring Clydesdale) putting their hands out for the same. And why did the banks fall over? Because they had been under the oversight of that 'prudent' Labour Chancellor, Broon.

Don't ever let Labour near the levers of power again, unless you want everyone to end up poor. All socialist societies always keep everyone 'equal' by ensuring that everyone is poor. Everyone, that is, except for those animals who are more equal. Funny old thing, but there's been a live reading of Orwell today. There should be a live reading or Animal Farm on Wednesday evening (just before his other 'spin off' Big Brother!).
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