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Anything that features Corbyn and Abbot is going to be fatally flawed and hopefully on Thursday there are enough sensible people in the UK to not only work that out but take firm action to ensure it doesn't happen.

Ironically there probably wouldn't have been an election called if Labour had sorted themselves out and elected someone of the likes of Burnham or even, god help me for suggesting it but Ms Cooper, Chuka or the Khan.

Anyone of their 'normal' team would have had the support of the mainstream Labour supporters but no one in their right mind truly believes that Corbyn and Abbot are fit to be leading this country and you would need to be delusional to think that Thornbury is anything but a complete and utter twit.

If you vote Labour on Thursday it will not be for sound and sense based reasons, it will simply be an 'anything but the Tory's' vote which, when you boil it all down is a pretty sad state of affairs.
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