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Originally Posted by Planemike View Post
Government has sufficient money, we are the fifth (?) largest economy in the world. Overall we live in a land of plenty, a few at the top have excess, and a proportion at the bottom do not have enough. Money is wasted on Trident, a weapon system that were it ever used ( I believe it never will be) would contaminate a large area of our planet. Money is found for HS2, an unnecessary vanity project used to enhance the reputations of a few politicians. Remember the "banking crisis": the bankers messed up and held out their hands: government found the money.

So don't say there is NO MONEY, there is enough we just have to use it more wisely to benefit all society not.
Sadly, the government has no money, taxpayers provide the money, and we have a level of debt that exceeds that of most other EU states. Government simply cannot spend more money without either raising taxes or borrowing more from other countries. Borrowing more could have us heading for the situation of some of the basket case economies in Europe, like Greece.

It's one reason that Labour policy, as expressed in their manifesto, is deeply flawed. They seem to be proposing levels of public spending that far exceed the ability of taxpayers in the UK to fund, which means that to do everything they are promising they will need to borrow more from other countries.

In the interest of balance, the Conservative party manifesto plans don't add up that well, either, but they are not anywhere near as wide of the mark as the Labour plans.

I think we have to accept that, just as it's always been, party manifestos are not worth the paper they are written on the day after an election. The question then comes down to which party offers the prospect of the least worst government.
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