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Seriously, my daughter has had two German Shepherds. Neither were foodies and would often ignore titbitd and never begged.

OTOH, our last Scottie who passed away last week was a total foodie. She was 12, not fat, but her day was:
50 gm turkey and sweet potato at 7. A spoon of porridge with Canadian maple syrup, toast crust, then sleep. Tea, at exactly 5, she was very demanding about this and we never found her watch, then about 9, cheese, biscuits, and apple.

She had often been reluctant to come when called in the evening so we encouraged her with a gravy bone. Then she would then go out, come in and demand a gravy bone several times.

She worked out I was deaf, she would nudge me. She was deaf too but understood sign language if it ended in food.

Total foodie.
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