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Originally Posted by compressor stall View Post
Thanks carbonneutral for what I assume are the SOPs. For discussion:

1. Should SOP be to leave interphone on from engine start to keep the ground guy in the cockpit loop?

2. Should SOP be give the cockpit to ground clear to disconnect command, then remove the pin?
1. There's a far bit of SOP chatter in the cockpit during pushback/engine start, plus ATC etc. Having that all piped down to the ground staff could be fairly distracting. To be clear though, that's only the cockpit to ground transmit function. It would be highly unlikely that the tech crew would deselect the ground to cockpit receiving volume, so nothing stopping the ground crew calling up when it looked like they were moving. However having an A320 power up while you're standing at the nose wheel, I can understand the guy legging it instead :P

2. It is against airbus SOP, but it's a valid point. I guess the ground staff disconnect call has to be last to ensure all after start procedures are completed before the walk off.
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