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Originally Posted by fpuentegomez View Post
Certainly not VLG... They are not even close to acceptable conditions at times...
There is more to meet the eye, IMHO.

After the horrific 2016-summer fiasco, the airline is putting in place some measures to avoid repeating it. Life is much easier for everyone right now.

Money is a semi-sore point: you won't get even near those eJ's figures (not that they impress me too much, without taking a snapshot of an average-daily/monthly roster...) but you can count of some decent perks such as ZED for partner/kids (and now two more names with IB), extracrew for your weekly commuting and unlimited staff travel on VY network for up to eight people plus 24 standby-sectors of free eligibility.

Benefits: similar to those of a semi-legacy airline but I don't have anything to compare against to, so I wouldn't stress this too much. I am sure eJ & C. are not too far off.

Bases: obviously an almost-perfect match if you are a spaniard but not too bad for Italian, French, Dutch or even some Brits too.

Company's general attitude: anyone 100% happy with theirs out there? Without going too much into details, I would like to see Paris-based folks be given BETTER terms in order to match the horrendous costs of living there and the CCs T&C bumped up a fair bit.

If you are young and/or single, without strings attached, free-spirited then this wagon might be worth jumping on. It surely was for me but be aware that I binned my rode-tinted specs loooong ago, so I am defo NOT biased.

Horses for courses folks!
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