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Nope, you can bid for either late or early duties which means you can have some sort of control on your social life. You can plan ahead and don't have to wait for rosters to come out cause you already know your days off. 9000 euros net for a captain, with their loyalty bonus included you are looking at 10000 euros net. Plus you're a captain after 5 / 6 years. Name me an airline in Europe with such a stable roster and good salary in such a short time.

FO's earn 5000 net and SFO 6000 net. In France FO salaries are slightly higher. I'm pretty sure there are few FO's in Europe on that salary in the beginning of their career and having a 5-4 roster.

P.S. All on permanent contracts of course with a pension. Not that Ryanair crap with zero hour contracts and vague tax deals.
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