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Originally Posted by ben78 View Post
You're just trying to convince yourself ctc is better than anything else in any case. Plus I don't know you guys but do you realise what it is 50k Pound???? For what job secured? Don't you think wizzair isn't secured with an order of 110 neo until 2024? Then are you ready to put that extra money to leave 20 miles from your mum? Open your eyes this is the real world, if you wanna be pilot you might leave somewhere else than your home. 50k is a huge amount of money years of hard work and dedication. I don't say go for baa just not considering it,in the general case (obviously personal cases can change everything) is a shame.
You would need to try and justify it pretty hard to yourself is the fact of the matter, as I explained earlier this thread is viewed by a lot more than those commenting, people are watching, and those that know the true value of 50,000 are taking serious note. Many have PMd me asking for further details on the course and selection with WIZZ/Smartlynx and BAA. The funny thing is none of them are from the UK. And I think this has a lot to do with it, us UK folk have this impression that we are the best at everything we do, no one can deliver training like us, no one can run an airline like us, no one can dare beat good ol blighty at anything. Flight training in Europe? Preposterous! Eastern Europe? They have planes!? What would the family think!? ... get me into OAA even if it costs 150k! (from someone who probably only left school last year)

This is highlighted in the fact that many people here would pay 50k more to fly the exact same aircraft but stay next to mummy and aunty as Ben correctly said. You can quite easily move back when you get your hours anyway, ex smartlynx pilots are peppered all over the place in many large carriers with well established reputations. It isn't Bongo Bongo from the Congo who's ex pilots people want to avoid like the plague ... as the less informed on here want to tell themselves in order to justify their unjustified spending spree of their parent's hard earned cash.

And uberpilot, do tell me why no one else in Europe would touch someone with an EASA ATPL (frozen or not) with an A320 rating from an EASA approved ATO and AOC holder? This is either arrogance or ignorance, but considering your claims to be an easyJet pilot for 4 years I think neither are really good. You should know better. Are you aware your own employers currently use Smartlynx? If they are so substandard then why are your employers jeopardising passenger safety? This is not the first year they have used smartlynx either. And no, I'd pay save 50k and then apply to whoever I wanted to and end up where I may want to be ... to suggest spending 50k to be in western europe in your first year or two is somewhat parallel to logic.
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