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Sorry but first, saying airlines are first gonna look at ctc after baa once you got hours is not knowing anything about this industry. What matters is hours that's it. You're just trying to convince yourself ctc is better than anything else in any case. Plus I don't know you guys but do you realise what it is 50k Pound???? For what job secured? Don't you think wizzair isn't secured with an order of 110 neo until 2024? Then are you ready to put that extra money to leave 20 miles from your mum? Open your eyes this is the real world, if you wanna be pilot you might leave somewhere else than your home. 50k is a huge amount of money years of hard work and dedication. I don't say go for baa just not considering it,in the general case (obviously personal cases can change everything) is a shame.
About smartlynx I can understand and hear what you say. Obviously it's less secured than easyJet, Ryanair is not comparable to easyJet in terms of stability, do self employment and come back telling me if that's really advantageous.
But that's the little risk is the price of the opportunity. If you go after the one who tried you ll pay more, have more competition and at the end lose the advantage you had at first. I can understand some of you aren't ready to take the risk, but that's part of the win. Plus at the moment the risk is pretty low honestly.
Smartlynx is growing, they signed lot's of contracts those last months, pilots fly a lot during the summer and less during the winter it's true but on average do around 700 750h per year.
I think people don't realize how hard it is to get into that industry, you have not the luxury of the choice, try everything you can.
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