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The six year command at EZY is no doubt one of the big selling points (if it is still the case), though I do hear a lot of dissatisfaction about the roster, which I believe is 5/4/5/2. I do shift work outside of aviation and I'm on a 4/3 which is better. Out of interest, what is the typical duty hours per week of someone at Easyjet? It's probably not too much of a worry for cadets but fast forward 10 years with the proverbial house, spouse and 2.2 kids I can see it becoming a sticking point.

Most of the airlines which offer better rosters don't take DECs as far as I know, so it presents an interesting dilemma between a large pay cut (from what is arguably a very good salary) and toughing it out. I know there's a reduced hours option but the pay and hours reduction aren't proportionate.
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