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None of us said NO to coming here . Even when things where better we turned a blind eye to things that we knew where wrong . It just did not effect us . The labor that was cheap and abused . The workers we saw in the buses drive by on the highway . The low pay for people of certain countries . The no rights in the country we chose to live in , the non union environment. Sure things where good before . We had days off , got our wide body commands , we turned a blind eye to all the negatives and told ourselves we where doing well . Can't help but feel that I , and others , where rather like young German officers in the 30s . Sure , the regime was nasty but we where doing well finally . And the conquests and glory followed . We chose not to see the bad .
Now the Russians are at the gates and we can see the madness of the leadership and we are losing what we had . Now we condemn the place we happily served . Ah , but it is too late . We where complicate .
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