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Originally Posted by Trader View Post
Cloud Bunny - rostering is short a pilot for a trip somewhere (possibly a less than desirable destination). They know many guys won't come in on days off for the lousy call out pay. So they look at their pilot body and think...hmmmm.... we have a Brazillian (or insert any other country) who would probably like to go home. So they call him and offer him the trip to his home country (which is currently filled by another pilot). If he says YES, they give hom the flight and rearrange the other pilots roster to cover the initial (usually crappy) flight.
Blimey. Having worked in crewing that still seems like a lot of work they are creating for themselves when they have RSV guys who, as we know when we are on it, have to do as they are told!
But I'm not surprised by anything round here anymore!!
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