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Originally Posted by davidjohnson6 View Post
wowzz - I agree there might well be a case for saying MAG is liable, but MAG will be very careful in what they say publicly to avoid admitting any liability, pointing to the lack of any payment by a passenger to the airport (contract law 101 - no consideration generally means no contract). A passenger would have to go to significant effort and expense in the High Court before any kind of liability might be found. Alternatively there is the option of complaining to the CAA but this will probably not achieve a worthwhile result

MAG *should* in my view face some penalty for this but without politicians focussing on getting reelected, neither the Dept for Transport or CAA will want to get involved. Passenger just has to put up with it.
I suppose you could argue that the air fare includes the airport handling fee (albeit indirectly). However, as you say, it is unlikely to be argued in court. Pity!
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