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Originally Posted by Mr Optimistic View Post
Isn't it all about mortality and how we will individually behave when we are in our bed holding the hands of our children and saying goodbye. Not goodbye as in I'll see you next week, but good bye I will never see you again?
My mother held a strong and deep christian faith. On her death bed at aged 92, and wandering in and out of consciousness, she regularly called out to her deceased mother and sisters and brother. She wanted to join them, no - she longed to join them.

It was a great comfort to me, and I hold no opinion either way even though I do have a view, that her faith meant death held no fear for her and in a way she welcomed it as a pathway to something infinitely more wonderful than life here on earth.

I accept of course that christianity has no monopoly on that or indeed that death is something to be feared.

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