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I wouldn't be quite so negative if I were you. I expect BA to take all the 787s it ordered because at the moment we have many slots at LHR that we gained with the BMI takeover that are not being efficiently used. The slots are being used on shorthaul domestic and european routes like Leeds that don't bring in nearly the sort of revenue that a longhaul route does. Also 1 SH aircraft could use up to 4 pairs of slots a day where a LH aircraft would only use 1, and its slots that are at a premium at LHR. After the BMI takeover BA was very short of LH aircraft.

On the holdpool front I wouldn't count on costs being a reason not to expire. I was in the hold pool in 2010 when cost were just as much an issue and I drowned only to finally get a course in 2012 on my 3rd attempt. It happened many times before me and has happened since.

All the best and stay positive.
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