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The old and overly posh HR types working at BA have an archaic view of things and could be the grandmas of most of the pilots BA has hired over the last 3 years.
For the sake of accuracy I'm not sure how many of the actual "HR types" would be BA employees these days ( Waterside has been well and truely denuded of staff over the last few years) , they are described in a lot of the literature as "HR associates", which my guess means they are consultants - though I'm open to correction and in any event accept that BA has to carry the can for any impressions given.

That aside reading the comments here I can accept that overall it may not be perceived as a great experience for many - I think the mad dash to recruit a year or two back has led to expectations which may now not be delivered, but sadly it's also fairly typical of the roller coaster ride that can be the 'BA employee experience' ...
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