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Corbyn’s policy chief boasted of role in riots

The man in charge of writing Labour’s election manifesto has boasted of how he confronted police while taking part in a riot. In a blog post on the 2010 Westminster student riots, Andrew Fisher wrote that he had “hurled abuse” at police and “taken back Whitehall”.

Fisher, who is now paid £56,000 a year from public funds as Labour’s head of policy, wrote that he was part of a 200-strong group that “burst through” police lines. They “pushed the two-deep line of riot police three-quarters of the way back to King Charles Street” at the heart of Whitehall. “Hundreds of people were enjoying the role reversal of the police being penned in and scared . . . I felt elated. ”Fisher, who was 30 at the time, blamed police for the violence. He wrote that protesters — “myself included to some extent” — responded to officers being “aggressive, violent and rude”.

In a post on the 2011 riots in Croydon, south London, where he lives, Fisher wrote: “As soon as I heard things were kicking off in Croydon, I headed into the centre of town.” He described the riot, which caused an estimated £14m of damage in one street alone, as “aggravated shopping”.

The posts were made on the blog of the Labour Representation Committee (LRC), a hard-left group chaired by John McDonnell, now shadow chancellor, for whom Fisher was working as a parliamentary researcher. Fisher was joint secretary of the LRC. The posts have now been removed, but remain available through web archives.

In the same year Fisher also endorsed a prospectus by the Socialist Campaign for a Labour Victory, which called for the disbanding of MI5 and the disarming of the police. In a 2014 book he called for a four-day week, the nationalisation of banks and potentially an end to the private ownership of land.

Fisher, a former trade union official, has stated that workers should be able to “get rid” of bosses. “Workers collectively should have the right to co-operativise their company,” he told an LRC meeting in 2012. “If a majority of workers say we want to get rid of our bosses, we want to run it as a co-operative — simple majority vote, it’s theirs. Done.”

James Cleverly, Tory MP for Braintree, said Fisher’s comments were “completely incompatible with a role in public policy. Andrew Fisher must now stand down or Corbyn must sack him.” A Labour source said: “It is entirely false to suggest that Andrew Fisher has in any way condoned violence against the police.”
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