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Maybe the time has come for people to walk away and let Air Cadet Aviation fail? I am 60 this year, still fly the Tutor and have written to my MP several times over the mismanagement of Air Cadet Flying to no avail.

Apparently the latest Tutor cock up concerns the failure of the MOD to sign a new agreement with Babcock over the plan to do more with the plastic fantastic fragile Tutor. No doubt some fudge will shortly occur by which Babcock will profit, the taxpayer will get fleeced and the Air Cadets short changed on flying hours.

I cannot see any "light at the end of the tunnel" and judging by many of the posts above I am not alone. To continue to "go the extra mile" to make a patently crap plan work simply lends some thread of respectability to the over-promoted idiots responsible for this mess.
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