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Originally Posted by kalvb123 View Post
As for comments about the 'zero hours' contract, there is no indication of this style of recruitment. After talking to the recruiters recently at my Stage 3 assessment, easyJet treat the flexicrew cadets the same as any other employee and I have no reason to believe otherwise.
The flexicrew contract only pays cadets by the hour when they are required to fly (or standby). You have no minimum hours and no salary if you're not needed for whatever reason. By definition, that is a zero-hours contract. As you point out, this only applies to the UK, but you don't get any say on your intial base.

It's good to here EZY treat their cadets well and makes the scheme more appealing. The fact remains though that if they removed Flexicrew and I knew they'd help out with a loan guarantee, I'd apply without hestitating. As it is, I'm really not sure.
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