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1. Everyone has different experiences based on their personality, ability to adapt to pressure and change. That being said, a licence is a licence. What gets you the job is your character.

2. A type rating on a jet, without any actual jet time is close to worthless, crazy expensive and expires after 6 months. If you do make it to the national carrier, you'll probably start on the Embraer anyway. So don't waste your money on that. Invest it in a Caravan rating. That might actually find you some work.

3. DEC stands for Direct entry Captain. So..no. Nobody is going to hire you as a captain with 250 hours. You can find work as a first officer in GA or, if you are lucky enough to time it right, the national carrier might be recruiting around the same time you finish your training.

4. You will need to fly another 12 hours. Even if you had 249.5 hours, they would make you fly that extra half hour to make up the difference.

Words of wisdom; KQ is not the only employer in the country. If you truly want to be a pilot, open your mind to other opportunities. There's plenty of adventures to be had and lots of experience to gain in the East African bush. The airline interview is not easy and usually about 1 in 10 people make it. If you fixate on getting an airline job, what happens if you don't make the cut?
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