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First and foremost congratulations on actually asking for help and advice. You are well on the way to being someone worthwhile, not only as a human but as an employee, showing a great deal of maturity and self awareness which is one of the critical life skills that a lot of people I still know find hard to grasp.

Just my 2c.

I have had some hard times and faced off a couple of times with bosses that paid what they paid 15 years ago, and failed about 5 times as many interviews than what I have passed, including some that I grew up with stars in my eyes for. The point I would like to make to you is that I felt the worst at these times when flying was part and parcel of my identity.

I think it is very easy to get caught up in the swell and final push to get a big shiny jet job and move on to the best company, and get you IFR done asap. But is this going to make you happy?

What drew you to aviation in the first place? Have you heard the stories about bush flying? Have you met any pilots that have done a wet season or two single and ready to mingle... life past the CPL stage opens up a door to you to be used and abused. It is not nice starting out in the industry, and for those of you that will tell you it is, are going to be selling you a dream (that is unobtainable for most,) or a flying school course!

Here there is a dilemma. You didn't do this for the money, so what aspect of flying really thrilled you to begin with?

What I can promise you from experience of what all above me have said and personally if you want to PM for a chat, is that these feeling towards flying all passes, you have to work through it, there are going to be ebbs and flows in all jobs and parts of your life. The experiences you get from dealing with this boredom is not known to you at this time, but may come in handy again (like trying to scrape together the night hour req for an ATPL)... The best part about this though, is that if and when you do get that piece of paper from CASA, you will find a great bunch of guys and girls whom if you work along side of you will have a great time with.

I am long passed caring too much about the flying aspect of my job anymore now, and salute the flagpole every morning for my employer, but I now have responsibilities and wife/kids/and capital city house debt. I need to tow the line and I have come to hit the glass ceiling.

The hope I keep now in my back pocket is the chance of winning lotto, so I could go back to the position you will be in a couple of months (when you finish your CPL - cause you don't sound stupid, and it would be a stupid waste not to push though). I wish if I won lotto to rock up to work in a place like Hamilton island where shorts and barefoot where the only requirements in the uniform guide.

Best of luck, and always feel free to reach out via pm if you need a chat.

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