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If you initially got a buzz out of flying, it may be worth thinking about what that buzz came from. If it was because you loved flying and aviation, rather than just the idea of the job (being a pilot), if you liked learning new skills and polishing your ability, I think there is a good chance you can get it again by doing some fun flying stuff.

The CPL process can be a drain - particularly when added to the mix is the big financial outlay. Often same type of training plane each day, all focused on ticking boxes, slow progress at times, pressure and criticism. Watching money go out the whole time. Wondering when it will end - do I do more training to get IR etc (and coming across jaded people in the industry, or hearing CPLs with hard luck stories, all complaining so you start to wonder if it is a career you actually want).

It doesn't have to be that way.

Aviation though can be more than flying A to B and back and ticking boxes to meet certain requirements.

Maybe worth thinking about if you can afford it, (and assuming you haven't done this already), book in some time to get an aero's endorsement or a TW endorsement on a fun plane etc. Do some flying for its own sake - with an aeros endorsment, a 40 minute flight every fortnight or so can be a great release, similarly, jumping in a tailwheel and shooting 0.5 of cross wind circuits can be great fun.

See if you can work out what the buzz used to be and try and get some of that back. Just because you are doing a structured CPL course doesn't mean you can't add in some extra curricular flying - flying that is both fun and will polish your skills and broaden your aviation experience so is not wasted time.

I guess that all hinges on if you can afford it though. That is the kicker.

The cost these days of getting a CPL is something I don't know how young people cope with. I thought it was bad when I did it a long time ago, I realise now I was fortunate.
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