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My humble thoughts, offered from someone who understands a bit about the concept of being in a dark place regarding the nexus between the personal and professional:

Firstly, I suspect you may be a bit professionally "flat" - that is to say that you are losing the joy of flying because you are looking at your training as a long journey that you simply wish to complete, rather than an adventure to be savoured. Perhaps the way your training is presented or the environment in your training organisation needs to be looked at to assist you?

When I go through low patches, I really try to just look out the window when I fly at all the wonderful colours and interesting things for a bit - think less on technical aspects (within reason!) and more on how awesome things look from the unique perspective of an aircraft. Simple things, but often they are the best.

I would offer that you ought to consider not going beyond your CPL at this point. Finish it off, then head north and pick up a job flying VFR singles (all you will get to begin with anyway), then revisit the IR, etc later when you have some experience, proficiency and more importantly, confidence in your abilities and clear direction regarding your path forward.

I wish you the best, mate, but if you can't identify the specific source of your concern, then bust a move and change up your circumstances to possibly root it out - bit you can do this without throwing completely away your investment Andy efforts so far.

Good question to ponder and maybe the start point of your deliberations - why did you REALLY start flying?
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