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The saddest thing is that the today’s result was totally unnecessary.

All that was needed was for PX Management to undertake honest and transparent 2015 Contract negotiations with two extremely reasonable Union/Association bodies.

However the “Worlds Best “HR Manager knew better, and railroaded an extremely unpalatable contract that was delivered on a sign it OR simply leave ANG and find a job elsewhere basis.

And while PX Management may have “convinced” each other that proper Contract negotiations took place, they could not convince any one else, let alone the PNG Supreme Court.

So for PX the ”chooks have come home to roost”, over 100 Expats and Nationals have left, taking towards a million hours of experience with them.

Those “brilliant HR tacticians” must have left Air New Guinea in a very precarious position indeed. With an added problem of how can negotiations between the Pilot groups begin with a HR management team that neither body has any respect for, NOR trust?

Tripelapidgeon, Gidday, you are so correct in your nomination for PM (not sure if that would be constitutional possible though) however referring to JK, he stood up hugely for the Citizen Pilots, especially after one or two of the other representative seemed to give up the fight very early in the peace. JK represented NAPU admirably.

So if not JK for PM, maybe member for WWK..."good luck with the campaign J."

Sadly, the Cadets were not successful in the court action. But that will come.
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