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PIC is PM, CO-pilot is PF. Absolutley agree. Geoffers, I take your point for an AC with the AP mode selection panel on the inter console. Ergonomically that may make sense for PF to call for and PM to push the button. On AC where the PF has the AP controls in front of him. The situation is changed, for the better in my view.

However I see no merit in the PM changing the trajectory, i.e. Turning an active heading bug. This is PFs role 100 % with PM monitoring.

On an AC where the RADAR image can be displayed on an MFD in front of PF, with no loss of primary flight display, it's the quickest reaction to target avoidance.

Bear in mind, in these modern AC the AP is doing the actual flying. The PF ideally controlling the AP in response to his SA, whether visual IMC or negotiating a RADAR target.

Sunnywa, you state as PIC you should not be monitoring 90% absolutley agree with you. YOU SHOULD BE MONITORING 100% and another 50% capacity in addition for constant contingency planning. If the PIC cannot cope with this workload he's in the wrong job.
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