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Sorry, but excuse me if I don't fall down laughing hysterically... the former 'Administration' of Norfolk which was dissolved by the Commonwealth went on this folly with OzJet and the Our Airline previously. From what I could gather it was a waste of money hand over fist. If Air NZ aren't flying the route any more, it's because there is INSUFFICIENT TRAFFIC to make it viable. Starting another operation isn't going to make it more viable, it's just going to make sure millions more dollars go down the Norfolk sink hole on another 'we want an airline folly'... the last one they brought in a guy who had previously run a failed airline but beside that, there were people who were on the Adminstration who's businesses benefited and the whole thing was a complete and utter waste of money and what happened in the end??? The Commonwealth stopped paying... then we have Islanders complaining that they have had their Assembly taken away... well, maybe that's because of the money that is wasted on this sort of crap and quite frankly the media reports and suggestions of bloodless genocide... please, there are people dying in real genocide around the world and it is inappropriate for this to be said. History repeats is all I can say... wonder who they'll get to run it this time. Someone from the Island who doesn't know squat about aviation but is quick to insist they are experts.
I don't want to be cruel but maybe this is why the Commonwealth government lowered the boom a few years ago. If the Island wants to be independent good luck to them but it just seems that they do these things, they cost lots of money then the hand goes out to the Commonwealth again and taxpayers on the mainland and then all sorts of accusations are made about Australia in the media.
Someone tell me if I've got this wrong???
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