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Originally Posted by palacio802 View Post
..To add something to the debate, I think that the primary source for VFR navigation when you are not familiar with the area in which the flight is conducted, should be a VFR CHART. I mean, a paper chart or a digital moving map. Radar and EGPWS are important tools for navigation, but a good map in a correct scale is paramount.
For years the training pipeline has been producing VFR pilots who are very weak at DR map to ground navigation. Map reading skills have been degraded by GPS. I think a CPL-H candidate should do their cross country flight test without a GPS. And afterwards, they should occasionally turn off their GPS and practice getting from A to B with just a VFR chart. And IFR crews aren't immune from these things either (I've seen an ATPL Captain + CPL Co-pilot crew get seriously lost in the traffic pattern at a major International airport with a 7000' long runway, and they had no idea how to get "unlost").

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