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Originally Posted by AAKEE View Post
For the comments on the 10nm scale, I dont se a big problem using 10mile scale.
This scale still shows everyrhing, scaled down though.

For a let down to hover( transition down) we use a fixed scale, more zoomed in than 10 nm. But then you do this close to something, and need to see this more in detail. I think there also a good thing to use a standard setting making you refer to the picture at a 'known' scale.

For a descent to below clouds and the plan to continue flying I think the idea to see radar returns that give you SA in the radar picture, for example the shore line or islands is good, that may be the reason for that selection. Too zoomed in and you loose the SA and the easy relation to a map/moving map and so on.
(I would have worked with radar settings, and scale to make sure but thats not the point here).
Sorry AAKEE, but I disagree... If you are cruising at 200 ft RHT and NAV/LNAV coupled you are heading (or actually tracking) towards an obstacle which is 300 ft AGL high... and you don't have a visual contact with the target at distances 1,3 nm or 0,6 nm (ALTITUDE WARNING)... I think that the 10 nm scale was not the best option in order to avoid the collision... Then if the crew was not aware of the high obstacle ahead, it will be a SA issue and a different story...

Btw. I highly respect "Irish Aviation Community" and I know that the crew members were true professionals! RIP.

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