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Originally Posted by jimf671 View Post
That works out Pruneface. Double-checked the AAIU report and the Irish SAR Framework and put the numbers in Google Earth and it works out about 11nm into the UK SRR.
Thanks for your confirmation. I thought I was losing it for a while there.

So, if the FV was actually in the UK SAR area of responsibility at the time of the call, why was the UK SAR not the prime mover, using if necessary and by dint of International Agreement, the Sligo SAR resource (on a call for assistance) but not obviously requiring the Dublin based R116 to get involved. In addition, considerable mention has been made in respect of the 'out-of-hours unavailability' of the Irish Aer Corps CASA resource(s) and indeed, the IAC has on occasion been denigrated for this since the crash.

Perhaps I'm over egging the importance of this in my own mind, and perhaps a very fluid 'boundary' exists worldwide between SAR areas of responsibility and all this is irrelevant, but I'm just getting a very bad feeling about this tasking and each of the individual missions that flowed from it, some of which in themselves create questions that have not been satisfactorily answered, not including the specific questions surrounding the crash itself that the IIAU is dealing with.
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