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The scenario involved is that the aircraft experienced buffeting and a stick shaker activation whilst in the hold at FL220. They are the facts as stated by the ATSB. The alternative truth as peddled by QF media and others here is that the aircraft encountered severe turbulence which the caused the stick shaker to activate Feel free to correct me where I am wrong in the statement of the facts. So how often have you found yourself in the scenario as described, regularly get the aircraft to the stick shaker do you?

I made it quite clear that my discussion about the autothrust was entirely my conjecture.Given all your experience maybe you could provide some insight as to what may have occurred whereby a 747 enters a holding pattern and then nearly stalls?

I have a feeling that had this occurred to an Asian carrier then the calls for "wait for the report" would not be so prevalent and that plenty of experienced pilots would be posting about where the crew went wrong.
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