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Originally Posted by Gauges and Dials View Post
That's part of the story, but I believe a larger part stems from the propensity of power to corrupt. Our post-9/11 security hysteria has placed, in the hands of flight attendants, gate staff, and pretty much everyone employed at an airport, the power to ruin anyone's day by labeling them a 'security threat'. I
If ever a nail was hit on the head this is it.

In addition, this very fact entices all sorts of otherwise non-entity and undesirable types into an industry that grants them that power and they revel in it, accountable to nobody. That's why, in this instance, you had these vicious thugs arriving on board and, when they saw a helpless elderly man who was prepared to stand up for his rights, took particular pleasure in pulling him out of his seat, bashing his head off the seat opposite and then dragging him out like a sack of potatoes. Disgraceful that they have only been suspended instead of being charged with causing GBH and remanded in custody. If this sort of thuggery is not punished to the maximum it will serve as no example to others of the same mind.
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