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We are in uncharted waters

We are still here framer. We are waiting for some definitive answers to some simple questions. The biggest one is when is passenger boarded? Another is if you or the "system" decides passenger X can NOT be flown, what is the status of that passenger and what is the status of the Captain of that flight immediately after that decision has been taken? Lastly, which rules apply to a passenger who has been, for want of a better word, "deplaned"? Do the airports now bylaws apply or do national laws take precidence? These are grey areas which have not been tested until now. And let's remember, we are talking about legal definitions which may not be the same as common English language usage. Once these have been answered, the rest of this debacle can be dealt with. This will determine the culpability of the Captain and the enforcement staff who ejected the Doctor. Certainly if I was one of the latter I'd want this sorted first. What do do not think us up for dispute is that UA broke their contact with this passenger.
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