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Originally Posted by lomapaseo View Post
I doubt that the public will wait for any clarity in the courts of right and wrong anymore than waiting in vain to hear any details of a sealed out-of-court settlement.

I'm quite afraid in individual self serving actions by other airlines (Delta sic) trying to soothe their public and to set themselves aside.

What is needed is clarity from the government of passenger rights and means of enforcement.

I don't wish to water down the necessity for the Captain to maintain a safe flight condition, but maybe for other cases fines against either party might be adjudicated in a calmer situation.
Delta isn't trying to soothe their public. They're trying to pull disaffected UA passengers and increase their profits. Expect the others to follow shortly.

You are quite right about clarity from the government but I'm not sure the federal gov't is at all capable of clarity in anything.
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