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Originally Posted by ODEN View Post
Yes it is for SAR, dont mix SAR with CAT.
Every country have its own regulation.
Be that as it may, the point is that terrain ID (when operating near terrain) should be via the terrain overlay and not weather RADAR (which is only used offshore for ID-ing non-terrain obstacles and targets, boats/rigs and the like) in this case.

Therefore, the LOW ALT selection is not a good choice at night/IMC for this approach. Not that this would have helped them with the terrain not being in the database.

In the end they shouldn't have been at that altitude. Simply, the chart should have had much more info, especially segment 'not below' altitudes and vertical guidance (as a minimum). However, other holes in the reason model's swiss cheese lined up for this to happen (no terrain in database and selection of LOW ALT).
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