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Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
There is no reason to think of Blackrock as a LS or helipad because it is no use in any way shape or form to a SAR helicopter - the idea that it is a route from one LS to another I think is nonsense.
I don't think it's nonsense and some others on here don't. I don't know how describing what is almost perfectly obvious as "nonsense" contributes to understanding this accident, particularly when a theory of mistaking a VFR transit route for a "letdown" procedure does contribute to that understanding.

The accident report does contribute as well. It says that this approach was conducted in two phases. An APP1 letdown to 200 feet. Then proceeding at 200 feet to hook into the first point in the Blacksod South Arrival. Believing that it is "nonsense" that the "route" is a VFR transit route based on a departure off Blackrock sets the table for this tragedy.

Both helipads at each terminus of the route carry special pink circle markings that other waypoints do not. They carry their elevation, which other waypoints do not.

Blackrock Light is in fact an LS. The Blacksod lightkeeper is responsible for the Blackrock Light. He has to go there from Blacksod pad to Blackrock pad. Right now, that is the situation. It was the situation at the time of this accident and for a long time before. Because helicopter is the only way to connect between the two, it hardly nonsense that there is a route between them and that is published in a route guide.

A helicopter landed there to bring in the AAIU investigators in this incident.

If some people, including very experienced helicopter pilots on this forum, can't agree that this is just a VFR transit layout for pad to pad flights, then it isn't difficult to see how this crew, unfamiliar with the area, and in the dark of night and weather, didn't understand that this route meant for a helicopter taking off from Blackrock and bringing maintenance people back to Blacksod, or vice versa, can't be patched into at 200 feet.

Maybe someone said "Hey, this isn't an IFR approach" and someone else said "Nonsense".
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