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Originally Posted by G0ULI View Post
...and secondly the pilot taking four seconds to question the instructions from the rear crew member warning of an obstruction ahead, then using the autopilot heading change to alter course.
This is the classic characterisation of a "magenta pilot" (refer to a few pages earlier in that AA training video).

Originally Posted by G0ULI View Post
I appreciate that scud running at 200 feet in the dark is no place to be suddenly taking manual control and flying a violent evasive manoeuvre without warning.
A manually flown, immediate and affirmative evasive manoeuvre was required by either pilot in this instance the moment the rear crew obstacle warning was understood. Instead of 6+ seconds flying straight and level on an autopilot HDG coupled mode at a rock. The CRM evident in issuing the warning, and then responding to it, was too complacent. I think in Human Factors training they call this a "laissez faire" type crew.
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