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Originally Posted by Ian W View Post
Every elderly non-frequent flier will now be very concerned that they may be roughed up to the point of unconsciousness on United. I suspect that there will be a significant drop in that type of traveler booking with United where they have a choice.

Indeed had Dr Dao been thrown just a little bit harder at that armrest, United could be accessories to a second degree murder charge. This cannot be let pass as 'just an incident'. Everything done after the Dr's legal refusal to deboard should not have happened. A minor issue with Ops failing to block 4 seats on a flight then the 4 non-revs turning up late led to this so both Ops and all those flying non-rev must also learn real lessons. Those sheeple SLF you disparage so easily will be voting with their wallets and avoid United wherever possible.
One has to wonder if the teacher with the 7 students (or the 7 students along with their parents) would ever choose to fly UA again. Same for the father who took his crying 8 year old daughter off. And I don't think they were alone in feeling absolutely horrified at the treatment of a fellow passenger based on the look of other pax faces in the video. There are other airline options.
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