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Originally Posted by Jay Sata View Post
It appears the bad publicity continues.

United Airlines passenger 'stung by scorpion' on flight - BBC News

United face an uphill battle. When you google United Airlines this story comes up top of the page.
United Airlines passenger ordeal 'worse than fall of Saigon' - BBC News
Nice PR for the stockmarket.

Lockerbie took down Pan Am.
It is astonishing that the UA management is so oblivious to the above facts.
The most elementary PR would be to displace the bad news with some coherent positive response, something that will shift the debate from UA's failure.
Thus far, it is crickets, apart from a meaningless and belated apology, a promise to do better with no specifics and a reversal of the ticket charges for the people on that flight. That does not address the larger issue.
UA is a leader among US airlines and this is their opportunity to lead, to offer a meaningful passenger bill of rights that would address the awful way passengers are currently treated in the US. That is in their own and the entire industries interest. If they wait till the Senate and the DoT act, they and Wall Street may not like the results so much.
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