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Originally Posted by SATCOS WHIPPING BOY View Post
Where were the DH crew whilst all of this was going on? Were they still at the gate or were they actually on the aircraft?

If it were the latter, and judging by the arrogance of some on here, then I would not be at all surprised to find the waiting demi-gods adding to the pressure on the UA crew to reach a solution; regardless of who got beaten up.
O Please, stop with this nonsense. I would be waiting with holded breath that the gate would close out the flight and shut the damm door so I could go home and not have to fly the 0530 flight back to Chicago.
It's not like this crew just wanted to go to SDF for a good time. They were a either a pre-scheduled deadhead on reserved seats that were obviously released before they got to the gate or it was a last minute reserve crew needed to save a cancellation on the other end.
Bottom line management handcuffed the frontline employees from being able to solve this simple problem with proper compensation. Everybody has their price, now they can negotiate it in court.
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