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Originally Posted by Kewbick View Post
"..getting away with murder.."? Hardly. Collectively, airlines barely make a profit. In the short term, nothing good ever comes from resisting force from authorities. If the doctor got up and walked off the aircraft, nothing would be heard. No harm done. His patients would have been looked after sooner or later.

In the long term, the doctor, (passenger), will benefit greatly from the lawsuit, and future passengers may benefit from legislation and/or policy changes.
In an unrestrained competition, monopoly or oligopoly emerges. That is the US airline industry today.
Monopolies become abusive until they are reined in by adjustments in the law.
That is the US experience and I'd expect it to happen in this case as well if it goes to trial.
Imho, the airline industry would be well served to come up very quickly with some new rules to ensure minimally adequate treatment of their passengers. Legislated requirements can be onerous and nonsensical, hence best avoided.

Meanwhile, cudos to the doctor. He showed more courage than the entire load of passively videotaping passengers and crew.
As Franklin said, those who would abandon liberty for the promise of safety will have neither. The doctor seems to be the only one on board who took that to heart.
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