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Originally Posted by Basil View Post
Would anyone who works in an office permit their every move and comment to be recorded and possibly used against them by their company or the courts? Can you imagine the screams of outrage?
It's pretty much legal in the U.S. I'm afraid.

From a recent article on employee monitoring in a human resources industry association magazine:

Under Federal Law

Employers generally have the right to monitor employees as they perform their work, although eavesdropping is a gray area. According to National Workrights Institute President Lewis Maltby, location matters. “If an employer wants to put a microphone in an office area and listen to what everybody does all day, that’s perfectly legal,” he says. “But you can’t put a bug in the cafeteria where people are talking about personal issues.”

Actually, some years ago FedEx pilots did find listening devices in the cafeteria during one of their unionization struggles as I recall.

I agree, I would hope that the promise made decades ago would be kept. That is, if we would agree to the CVR, it would never be used for anything except improving safety.

But, being somewhat cynical with experience, I know that often these well intended innovations and reporting programs can morph into something else over time.
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