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Powell said he and other passengers were in shock, but the worst part, for him, came when Dao returned to the plane and was cornered near the bathroom in the back - closer to Powell's students. "I'm thinking to myself, 'Nothing good is coming of this,'" Powell said. "... I removed my kids from the plane, saying we don't need to see this stuff. We got up and left." The group was quickly followed by a father and his eight-year-old daughter, who was crying along with one of Powell's students, he said. Soon after, the airline deboarded the plane to clean up blood from the incident.

It was reported that some passengers with small children refused to re-board the flight, and took travel vouchers from United for a later flight. Thus the flight 3411 departed two hours later, with EMPTY SEATS.

Class action coming from other pax on the flight.
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