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Hmm, some of us in the rest of the world might have imagined that American labour was more flexible than the stereotypes we have been fed by parts of our press about ourselves for years.

Now someone is telling us about unions in American airlines. It makes sense to me to have agreements like not sitting on jump seats for more than an hour, though it sounds above like just not allowed at all. Now it additionally seems that 4 to 10 seat aircraft that are perfectly good enough as occasional transport for millionaire businessmen might cause certain aircrew to turn their noses up.

Oh dear.

If the crew won't deign to be flown by some 25 year old oik that might remind them of their former selves, then as Satco~ hinted above, why not put the denied or removed passengers on it instead?

The airline has about 1 in 1000 of its passengers affected by changing their plans for them either voluntarily or not. If it works out too expensive to treat them well enough, then revise booking policy and methods.
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